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PRD 1703-94-100065; Dumper Cab Chassis and Dumper Bodies Imported Together; Heading 8704, Heading 8707; Complete but Unassembled Dump Trucks, GRI 2(a), HQ 950221, HQ 950431, HQ 952850

Modification of HRL 086640 dated June 12, 1990; Dog Snack From West Germany

The tariff classification of "Tranquil Moments HolidayRelaxation Kit" from China/Taiwan

The tariff classification of dog treats from Great Britain.

Classification of canned tomatoes from Italy. - Reconsideration of NYRL 878307

Internal Advice Request 69/92 Regarding the Classification ofBlack Spruce Seedlings in a Planting Medium of Peat Moss, Vermiculite and Silica Sand

Modification of Pre-Entry Classification Rulings 866737 and 868733; Paper Straw Hat; Decorative Peacock Chair; Subheadings 4602.90.0000 and 4602.10.5000; Other articles made directly to shape from plaiting materials.

Protest 2809-90-000549; CPU board; Chapter 84, note 5(A)(a);GRI 2(a); HQ 087695; HQ 950832; HQ 088118; HQ 554581; Daisy-Heddon, Div. Victor Comptometer Corp. v. U.S.; H. Conf. Rep. No.576; Footnote 1/ 8471.91.00; Subheading 9902.84.71; Chapter 99,Subchapter II, U.S. note 2.

The tariff classification of fruits, vegetables, and spicesfrom Bolivia

Pg. 1 of 422 • 4,217 results