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Flower pot-shaped glassware with metal stand; candle holder; glassware for table, kitchen, toilet, office, indoor decoration; principal use; U.S. Additional Note 1(a); EN Rule 3(b)(IX); HQs 956810; 957794; 960499; 960503; NY 888716

The tariff classification of an oil change kit from Canada.

Protest No. 0901-92-101303; IBM; Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Floppy Disks; Cookies; Prepared Unrecorded Media; Common and Commercial Identity; Ameliotex, Inc. v. United States; Esco Mfg. Co. v. United States; Anheiser-Busch Brewing Assn. v. United States; HQs 953134, 951644, 000159, 000119, and 000283,

The tariff classification of Gillette Razor Blade Cartridgesfrom Brazil

Eligibility of polyester film for a partial duty exemption under subheading 9802.00.50, HTSUS

Four Dolls: "Birthday Party Barbie, Paint'n Dazzle Barbie, Romantic Bride Barbie, and Western Stampin' Barbie;" Printed Paper Advertising Inserts: American Goods Returned

Applicability of HTSUS subheading 9801.00.10 or 9802.00.80 to U.S.-origin labels; ink; J-boards; plastic bags; company name; identifying information

Applicability of subheading 9801.00.10, HTSUS, to Coca-Cola bottles from Emirau Island in the Bismark Archipelago

Brass Lock And Handle Products For Hinged Patio Doors; Keys; Hook Bolts; GRI 3(b); 8301.40.60; NY 872802, Modified; U.S. Origin; Packaging; Not Advanced In Value Or Condition

Applicability of subheadings 9801.00.10 and 9802.00.80, HTSUS, to cellular telephone antenna, packaged in kit form, and formed by press fitting, crimping, soldering, screwing, taping, cutting, staking, and testing. Assembly; incidental operations; packaging; Superscope; 555205; 555553

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