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Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) Polyethylene Film in Varying Widths Which Will be Cut in Width and Length to Make Ribbons for Impact Printers

The tariff classification of a paper and ink set for a videoprinter from Japan.

The tariff classification of a printer ribbon from Mexico

Modification of HQ 958572; Tape Cassette Cartridges for Lettering Machines; Typewriter or Similar Ribbons, Inked or Otherwise Prepared for Giving Impressions

The tariff classification of universal twin spool ribbons from Germany.

Protest and Request for Further Review 3901-90-00042, dated January 23, 1990; inked film ribbon; thermal transfer ribbon; typewriter and other similar ribbon; impression

The tariff classification of ink ribbon cartridges and ink ribbons from Japan

The tariff classification of Ink film ribbons from Japan

Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer Color Ink Cassette and TreatedReceiver Sheets Sets; headings 3921, 9612, 4816; GRI'S 1, 2, 3;HQ's 088950,952466

Revocation of HQ 958572, HQ 958899, NY 814940, NY 814490; Classification of thermal transfer ribbon

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