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The tariff classification of Tiger Grass brooms from the Philippines.

The tariff classification of baskets, mats and brooms from Venezuela; articles of vegetable plaiting materials. Dear Ms. Sherman: In your letter dated June 29, 1995, you requested a tariff classification ruling. You divided the merchandise in question into five categories, as described below: Category I includes several types of coiled baskets. Some of these, made by the Warao tribe, are identified as "platos,""paneras" and bowls. "Platos Planos," which range from about 4" to12" in diameter, can function as "hot plates." "Paneras," whichare round or oval and slightly bowl-shaped, sometimes have handlesand are made to serve bread; they usually range from 9" to 24" in length. The Waraos also make curved bowls, some of which areconstructed with integrally coiled bases fun

The tariff classification of Whiskbrooms from Colombia

The tariff classification of unfinished vegetable fiber brooms from Mexico.

The tariff classification of a straw broom from China.

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