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Plain, Painted, and Carved Ostrich Egg Shells; Not Collections and Collectors' Pieces of Zoological Interest

The tariff classification of coral chips and coral balls from Japan, Korea and the Philippines.

The tariff classification of a tray, spoon, vase and basket from Colombia.

The tariff classification of decorated goose and duck eggshells from China.

The tariff classification of "The Fabulous Egg" from China.

Ostrich egg shells in 9601, HTSUSA; Worked ivory, bone and other animal carving material, and articles of these materials; Not 9703 original sculptures and statuary; Not 9705 collections and collectors' pieces of zoological, botanical, mineralogical interest

Hand-carved Ostrich Egg Shell

The tariff classification of stone carvings, products made from antelope horn, hippo and warthog teeth, ostrich eggshell, and jewelry made from malachite stone and wood from Namibia, Zambia and South Africa.

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