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The tariff classification of a plastic decorative Christmaswreath, from China.

The tariff classification of mylar bows from China.

Christmas wreaths and garlands; Festive articles, Articles for Christmas festivities, Of Plastics in subheading 9505.10.4000; Not artificial flowers, foliage and fruit or articles made of artificial flowers, foliage or fruit in chapter 67.

Modification of Pre-Classification Review (PC) #835839 issued January 25, 1989; Christmas Articles; Halloween Animated Display Figures and Pin-On Jewelry; Easter Basket

Lighted Treetop Angel Figure, Hanging Santa Figure, Pine Cone Cabin

HRL 951459 modified; "Dedt Moroz," "Kris Kringle," and "Soda Pop" figurines; poly-resin and calcium carbonate; EN 68.10

Artificial Christmas Trees; Not Christmas Ornament of subheading 9505.10.25; Other Christmas Article of subheading 9505.10.40; Revocation of NYRL 828559.

Modification of NYRL 840672 of May 31, 1989; Festive Articles; Christmas Articles; Not Christmas Ornaments

Revocation of NYRL 842409 of July 6, 1989; Novelty Christmas Stockings Imported from Thailand and Taiwan; Festive Articles; Not Christmas Ornaments

The tariff classification of various wreaths, garlands and centerpieces from China

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