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PRD 2002-93-101453; Parts of Casting Machines, Subheading 8454.90.00; Slip Op. 93-161; Motors, Heading 8412, Sprayers, Heading 8424, Conveyors, Other Handling Machinery, Heading 8428, Gear Boxes, Speed Changers, Heading 8483, Section XVI, Note 2(a) and General Explanatory Note; HQ 952019, HQ 952743, HQ 954942

Incremental linear measuring system. Explanatory Note 90.31

Protest and Request for Further Review No. 3801-90-000031; tool presetters with optical element used to measure and check the lengths and diameters of the tool and toolholder on various machine tools; measuring and checking appliances and apparatus; optical instruments and apparatus; optical elements; Chapter 90, Additional U.S. Note 3.

The tariff classification of machine tool parts andaccessories from Germany.

The tariff classification of an internal bond analyzer fromGermany.

Protest No. 2809-92-100484; KLA Series 5000 Coherence Probe Metrology System; "optical"; HQ 084646; HQ 088231; 9012; EN 90.31; Add. U.S. Note 3 to Chapter 90; Corning Glass Works v. U.S.

The tariff classification of anemometric testers fromCzechoslovakia.

Digital Flight Data Acquisition Management Unit (DFDAMU); Apparatus Consisting of a Flight Data Acquisition Unit and a Flight Data Recording Unit; Apparatus for Processing and Recording Flight Data; Heading 9031; Electrical Machines and Apparatus; Heading 8543

Flight Data Acquisition Unit; NY 860247 Revoked

PRD 3501-90-000022; Display Management Computer (DMC); Apparatus that Formats and Displays Systems Warnings, Cautions and Other Flight Information; Measuring or Checking Instruments, Parts and Accessories; Civil Aircraft Agreement; HQ 089391, 952778, 954175

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