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Laitinen Stereotactic System; Frames Used In Medical Imaging To Localize Lesions And Targets; Percutaneous Tumor Biopsy Kit; Instruments And Appliances Used In Medical Or Surgical Sciences; Apparatus Based On The Use Use Of X-Rays Or Other Radiations

Protest No. 1001-91-105866; X-Ray Image Intensifier Tube; Apparatus For Medical Or Surgical Use; Convert X-Ray Into Visible Light; Thermionic; Cathode; Photocathode; 8540.20.40

Protest No. 1704-93-100444; "FL500" Flaps bite-wing tabs; Chapter 90, note 2; HQ 087704; NY 837956; heading 3921; heading 9018; EN 90.18

Reconsideration of HQ 964813; LightSpeed QXi CT System printed circuit assemblies Dear Mr. Ordet:

The tariff classification of an X-ray detector and controller from Canada

The tariff classification of field modification kits("FMIs") for x-ray apparatus from England, France, Japan orSpain.

The tariff classification of plastic covers and mounts from China.

The tariff classification of a ceramic scintillator plate from Japan

Application for Further Review of Protest No. 0901-09-100468; overhead tube suspension

NY 860125 and NY 860126 revoked; "Bullion" and "Boomerang" X-ray absorption filters; 4016.99.50; Note 1 and 4(a), Chapter 40; rubber; synthetic rubber; accessories; Note 2(b), Chapter 90; apparatus based on the use of X-rays; HRL 087704 and 955025

Pg. 1 of 4 • 40 results