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HRL 089408; salmon pens; Heading 8907; Heading 9817; agricultural or horticultural machinery, equipment and implements; aquaculture

Internal Advice Request; Importation, Time of; Outer Continental Shelf; Tension Leg Drilling Platform; 19 CFR 101.1(h); C.A.D. 612; C.S.D. 79-1; C.S.D. 80-235; 8905.20.00, HTSUS; 8907.90.00, HTSUS; Ruling 110808, August 20, 1990, Modified Dear Madame:

The tariff classification of a Riser Turret Module from the Netherlands

The tariff classification of a modular floating system from Canada

Applicability of coastwise laws to the transportation and installation of a platform floating topsides (superstructure), and the dutiability of subject superstructure.

Application for Further Review of Protest 0401-95-100202, dated March 13, 1995, Regarding the Classification of Net Buoys

Temporary Storage Bladders; Dracones; EN 89.06; EN 89.07; heading 8907; HQ 112807; "the Jones Act"; "vessels"

The tariff classification of a fishing scale and a marker buoy.

The tariff classification of the Autonaut from Great Britain

The tariff classification of a floating feed silo from Estonia and a fish feeding system from Norway

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