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The tariff classification of a floating storage re-gasification unit from South Korea

The tariff classification of an LNG production, storage and offloading vessel from South Korea

The tariff classification of floating docks from an unspecified country

Classification of multipurpose vessel (Watermaster)

Petrocleaner (Unit types 300 and 700); "vessel"; 8421.29.00;EN 89.05(A) HQ 105463; HQ 106520; HQ 110276; HQ 110386; HQ110994; HQ 111275; Note 1(l) to Sect. XVI; EN to Chapter 89;General Headnote 5(g), TSUS; 19 U.S.C.A. 1401(a); 49 U.S.C.A.App. 883; ("Jones Act"); 50 U.S.C.A. App. 2406(d); 33 CFR 2.05-25(a)(3)(i); 33 CFR 329.4; C.S.D. 89-85; T.D. 75-276; ElizabethRiver Terminals, Inc. v. U.S.; Hitner Sons Co. v. U.S.; ToddShipyards Corp. v. U.S.; U.S. v. Moran Towing and TransportationCo.

Protest No. 0901-92-101337; Orpheus Underwater Camera System; television camera; light-vessel; ejusdem generis; Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA); originating goods; 50 percent value-content rule; heading 8905; ENs 85.25(C), 89.05(A); Note 4 to Section XVI; 9808.00.30; NY 837108

The tariff classification of docks and components from Turkey.

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