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I/A 14/94; steel couplers and steel balls used for hitching non-mechanically propelled trailers; other articles of iron or steel; coupling device; trailer parts; motor vehicle accessories; Additional U.S. Rule of Interpretation 1(c); heading 7326; ENs 73.26, 87.08, 87.16; HQ 087704; NY 820876

Tautliner; Tarpaulin System for Trailers and Semi-Trailers; Tarpaulin-Over-Frame Permanently Attached to Trailer Bed; Trailers, Semi-Trailers, Parts, Beacon Cycle & Supply Co., Inc. v. United States, C.D. 4764; Heading 8716; Goods Imported Unassembled, GRI 2(a); Chapter 87, Additional U.S. Note 1; North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), General Note 12(b)(ii), Note (f), de minimis Dear Mr. Koppelaar:

The tariff classification of non self propelled vehicles from Canada.

PRD 3801-93-100584; Twistlock, Metal Device for Securing Container to Semi-Trailer; Parts of Trailers and Semi- Trailers; Parts Versus Accessories; Cast Metal Article, Heading 7325; Additional U.S. Rule of Interpretation 1(c), Beacon Cycle & Supply Co., Inc. v. United States, C.D. 4764, DD 878766 Dear Sir:

The tariff classification of plywood trailer flooring panelsfrom Canada

Plastic Containers

The tariff classification of Roll' Erg wheelbarrows fromFrance

The tariff classification of "The Bike Lifter" from Japan

The tariff classification of a Folding Shopping Cart from Greece

The tariff classification of non-radial pneumatic tires for agricultural use from Serbia and Montenegro. Dear Mr. Murphy:

Pg. 1 of 42 • 411 results