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The tariff classification of automotive body kits from the Philippines.

Eligibility for duty-free treatment under U.S. Note 2(b), subchapter II, Chapter 98, HTSUSA, of gold jewelry made in the Dominican Republic from U.S. materials; GSP; bezel; necklace; bracelet; ankle bracelet; double substantial transformation; 555929; melting; soldering; 555210; 071788

PRD 1703-94-100065; Dumper Cab Chassis and Dumper Bodies Imported Together; Heading 8704, Heading 8707; Complete but Unassembled Dump Trucks, GRI 2(a), HQ 950221, HQ 950431, HQ 952850

The tariff classification of a lady's reversible outerwear jacket, style 87074, from Indonesia.

Protest 1601-98-100066; Forty and sixty foot transit busshells; NY 882788

Diaper Bag; Cosmetic Bag; 4202.92.4500, HTSUSA; SGI, Incorporated v. United States, 122 F.3d 1468 (Fed. Cir. 1997); Primarily Designed for Carrying Personal Effects During Travel; Not Primarily Designed for the Storage of Food and Beverages

The tariff classification of Fiberglass Body Panels, Steel Frame, Radiator, Steering Rack, Suspension Parts from Great Britain

The tariff classification of "Sprinter" Vehicle Bodies from Germany

The tariff classification of vehicle bodies from Japan

The tariff classification of blank books from Canada.

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