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PRD 1703-94-100065; Dumper Cab Chassis and Dumper Bodies Imported Together; Heading 8704, Heading 8707; Complete but Unassembled Dump Trucks, GRI 2(a), HQ 950221, HQ 950431, HQ 952850

The tariff classification of articulated hauler cabs.

The tariff classification of a Caterpillar D400E Ejector Truck: 1) joined front and rear chassis with cab and engine without the dump body, 2) front portion (front chassis with cab and engine), 3) rear portion without dump body, and 4) dump body with ejector mechanism from the United Kingdom and Mexico

Protest 1303-01-100260; Dump Trucks

The tariff classification of a truck cab & chassis from the Czech Republic

4-Wheel and 2-Wheel Drive Dumpers, Imported Without Dump Bodies; HQs 954875 and 083529; Explanatory Notes 87.06 and 87.04; 8704.10.50; 8706.00.05

The tariff classification of an unfinished dump truck from Japan

The tariff classification of Crawler Carriers from Japan

PRD 2304-95-100219; Dump Truck of Canadian Origin Imported into the customs territory from Mexico; Canadian Article, Originating Good; Automotive Products Trade Act (APTA); General Notes 5 and 12, HTSUS; Transshipment; NAFTA Rules of Origin Regulations; Section 16 of the Appendix to Part 181 of Title 19 CFR; HQ 958053

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