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The tariff classification of electrical cables and a transformer from Italy

Sub-Sea Umbilicals

Request for a Ruling on the Eligibility of Certain Automotive Wiring Harnesses forPreferential Tariff Treatment under the North American Free Trade Agreement

Tariff classification and country of origin of copper wire exported to Italy for coating and returned to the U.S. for additional processing; step in production of final product; lack of substantial transformation; Superior Wire v. United States; HRL 557201; HRL 556301; HRL 555705

The tariff classification and NAFTA Country of Origin of insulated wire harnesses and insulated wire with connectors from South Korea and Mexico

The tariff classification of Gas Insulated Lines from Germany

The tariff classification of an insulated conductor from China

Article 509; advance ruling request; wire harnesses

Eligibility for preferential tariff treatment under the North American Free Trade Agreement; General Note 12, HTSUS; Wire harnesses

Article 509; NAFTA; wire harnesses; automotive good; insulated wire; originating good; non-originating good; tariff shift requirement; de minimis; 2, 5 and 9(1) of the NAFTA Rules of Origin Regulation; traced material; light-duty automotive good; Schedule IV of NAFTA Rules of Origin Regulation; non-originating material's value

Pg. 1 of 3 • 26 results