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Capacitor Voltage Transformer; Protest No. 2904-0-000003

Modification of HQ 086552; Impressed Current Anodes for Cathodic Protection; Electrical Machines and Apparatus; 8543

Ruling Request; Commercial Interchangeability; Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc.; 19 U.S.C. 1313(j)(2); spare parts for circuit card assemblies

Tariff classification of magnetic security tags or labels

The tariff classification of "Sputtering Targets" from The Czech Republic

The tariff classification of a Digital Recording Console and accessories from Japan

The tariff classification of a printed circuit board from Hong Kong

HQ 088175 Revoked; High Silicon Iron Castings for Use in Cathodic Protection

The tariff classification of temporary tattoo maker from an unspecified country

Protest 1303-95-100424; Stainless and Dielectric (Glass) Tubes for Ozone Generating Systems; Parts; Electrical Machines and Apparatus, Not Specified Elsewhere; Headings 8405 and 8543; EN 84.05; HQs 957651 and 951195

Pg. 1 of 14 • 132 results