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Unassembled flat-panel display units for laptop computers; GRI 2(a); ADP Output Display; Liquid Crystal Display (LCD); glass sandwich; Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs); flex cable; Integrated Circuit (IC); parts and accessories; HQs 953313, 952973, 952502, 951868, 951609

The tariff classification of components of electronickeyboard assemblies from Japan

The tariff classification of Santa Claus figures from Taiwan

The tariff classification of an isolation gown from Thailand.

Dual surge suppressor; Heading 8536; Heading 8541; Chapter85, note 5(b)(iii); Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia; BasicElectronics Theory, with Projects and Experiments; IEEE StandardDictionary of Electrical and Electronics Terms; Subheading8541.10.00; ENs 85.41 (A)(I); Subheading 8542.11.00; Chapter 85,note 5(b)(i); Chapter 85, note 5; ENs 85.36(c); H. Conf. Rep. No.576.

The tariff classification of high voltage solid state relays from Thailand and Malaysia

The tariff classification of a circuit from Japan.

"Talking Magical Storytime" Children's Book; Electronic Reading Tray; Read Only Memory Cartridge; GRI 3(b); Set

The tariff classification of a mixer (hybrid integrated circuit) from the Philippines

The tariff classification of monolithic bipolar analog integrated circuits from Japan

Pg. 1 of 28 • 280 results