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Dual surge suppressor; Heading 8536; Heading 8541; Chapter85, note 5(b)(iii); Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia; BasicElectronics Theory, with Projects and Experiments; IEEE StandardDictionary of Electrical and Electronics Terms; Subheading8541.10.00; ENs 85.41 (A)(I); Subheading 8542.11.00; Chapter 85,note 5(b)(i); Chapter 85, note 5; ENs 85.36(c); H. Conf. Rep. No.576.

The tariff classification of "The Button" from India.

The tariff classification of a Diode from Japan

Bridge Rectifier Diodes; Thyristor Modules; Electrical Static Converters; Legal Notes 2 and 5 to Chapter 85; Headings 8504 and 8541; ABB Power Transmission v. United States, Slip Op. 95-141; HQ 086223 and HQ 085540, revoked

Protest No. 3196-92-100142; digital temperature sensor module; eo nomine; thermometer

The tariff classification and status under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) of bridge rectifier diodes from Ireland

The tariff classification of diodes from China

Reconsideration of NY N047162; Classification of a PVU-B50 Photovoltaic junction box

NYRL 836990 affirmed. solid state device, which has two or more thyristors or rectifier junctions encapsulated in a plastic isolated housing.

Cable-television signal-converter; remote-control device; HRL 952293; HRL 952302; HRL 952441; set; GRI 3(b); essential character; EN Rule 3(b); NAFTA; Article 509; originating good; General Note 12(b)(ii(A); change in tariff classification; non-originating materials; General Note 12(t)/85.77

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