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Industrial Ink Jet Printer; ADP Machine and Unit Thereof; Chapter 84, Note 5; Explanatory Notes 87.41(D) and 84.43; General Explanatory Note (E) to Chapter 84; HQs 955018 and 955263; NYs 854057 and 876142; 8443.50.50

The tariff classification of Disinfectant INGLEZ Eucalypt from Brazil.

The tariff classification of an Intergraph Graphic CRT from Japan.

Protest No. 1001-91-105866; X-Ray Image Intensifier Tube; Apparatus For Medical Or Surgical Use; Convert X-Ray Into Visible Light; Thermionic; Cathode; Photocathode; 8540.20.40

The tariff classification of amasake and mochi from Canada.

The tariff classification of a stone crushing machine fromWest Germany

The tariff classification of a Heat-Set Quartz DrawingMachine from England.

Ferrite cores; 8505.90.80; electromagnets; EN 85.05; 8543.80.90; other electrical apparatus, having individual functions not specified or included elsewhere in this chapter; other parts of cathode-ray tube; part of a part; Additional U.S. Rule of Interpretation 1(c); United States v. David E. Porter; Ideal Toy Corporation v. United States

The tariff classification of a cathode-ray tube from Japan.

The tariff classification of a finely knitted cotton bandeau top for juniors, style 4056, from Taiwan.

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