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"ROTODAT" Passive Data Communication Device; Programmable Logic Controllers; Accessory; HQ 955987; Chapter 90, Note 6; Explanatory Note 85.37; 8537.10.90; 9032.90.60

Protest 1601-94-100144; Dry Cleaning and Laundry Equipment; Extractor Press; Batch System Dryer; Shuttle Conveyor; Call- Off Control; Section XVI, Note 4; Functional Unit; NY 884323; 8450.20.00

PRD 3501-90-000180; Brake and Steering Control Unit (BSCU); Electrical Apparatus for Controlling Aircraft Braking and Ground Steering System; Programmable Controller, Heading 8537; Parts of Airplanes, Subheading 8803.30.00; Civil Aircraft Agreement (CAA); Section XVI, Note 1(l), (m), Section XVII, Note 2(f), (g); HQ 087979, HQ 950834

Panel block keyboard for use in a computer printer as a controller and status indicator; board or panel for the electric control or the distribution of electricity; control board, control panel

Keyboard Assembly

Bestwood Smart Home System

Protest No. 0712-90-000226, dated 3/26/90; Manual Matrix Switches; Control or Adapter Units of ADP Systems; 8471

Infrared Voice Communication System; Legal Note 4, Section XVI; EN 85.37; 067473; 087261

Membrane Switch Assemblies for Multiline Telephone Sets; Section XVI, Note 2(b); Subheading 8517.90.30; Subheading 8537.10.00; Section XVI 2(a); Explanatory Note 85.37; United States v. General Electric; United States v. Rembrandt Electronics; Kyocera International, Inc., v. United States; H. Rep. No. 100-576;

Photoelectric controls

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