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"ROTODAT" Passive Data Communication Device; Programmable Logic Controllers; Accessory; HQ 955987; Chapter 90, Note 6; Explanatory Note 85.37; 8537.10.90; 9032.90.60

Protest 1601-94-100144; Dry Cleaning and Laundry Equipment; Extractor Press; Batch System Dryer; Shuttle Conveyor; Call- Off Control; Section XVI, Note 4; Functional Unit; NY 884323; 8450.20.00

PRD 3501-90-000180; Brake and Steering Control Unit (BSCU); Electrical Apparatus for Controlling Aircraft Braking and Ground Steering System; Programmable Controller, Heading 8537; Parts of Airplanes, Subheading 8803.30.00; Civil Aircraft Agreement (CAA); Section XVI, Note 1(l), (m), Section XVII, Note 2(f), (g); HQ 087979, HQ 950834

Panel block keyboard for use in a computer printer as a controller and status indicator; board or panel for the electric control or the distribution of electricity; control board, control panel

Keyboard Assembly

The tariff classification of a coupon holder, constructed of(PVC) plastic sheeting from china.

The tariff classification of a jewelry box and a heart-shaped trinket box from Taiwan.

The tariff classification of a woman's suit from Hungary.Dear Ms. Shira:In your letter dated June 22, 1990, on behalf of your client, Harve Benard, you requested a tariff classification ruling.The submitted sample, style number 40-3363P-HB, is a woman's two-piece suit, consisting of a short jacket and a skirt. Both components are cut and sewn from identical, woven fabric composed of 100% wool.The jacket, which extends approximately two inches below the waist, has an outershell constructed from six panels (two at the front, two at the back, and two at the sides) sewn together lengthwise. It features long sleeves with vented (slit) edges, each of which is secured by four, gold-tone, metal buttons; a full frontal opening secured by three, gold-tone, metal buttons; a full lining; a round neckline, without any collar treatment; shoulder pads; and a straight bottom. The jacket also features three, rectangle-shaped pieces of (self) fabric, permanently attached on the front, which simulate

The tariff classification of women's blouses from Hong Kong.

Bestwood Smart Home System

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