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Protest 2304-94-100077; airbag sensors; sensor; wire harness; metal bracket; NY 840600; 8536.50.00; other switches; Kyocera International, Inc., v. United States; 9032.89.60; other automatic regulating and controlling instruments and apparatus; Note 6, Chapter 90; other parts and accessories of the motor vehicles of headings 8701 to 8705; EN 87.08; Note 2(f) and (g), Section XVII; General EN (III) PARTS AND ACCESSORIES, Section XVII; HRL 088477

The tariff classification of a HeadRest and Button-Switch for a wheelchair from Taiwan

The tariff classification of switches, a relay and a bracket from Taiwan and Canada

Eligibility for NAFTA preference of television receivers imported from Mexico; General Note 12(t)/85.85; Article 509

Reconsideration of HQ 953561; San Francisco Newspaper Printing Co. v. U.S.;Opto Sensor; Optical Coupled Sensor; Explanatory Notes 85.41(B) and (C); HQ 088341; Chapter 85, Note 5; 8536.50.80

NAFTA; article 509; advance ruling; origin; regional value content; net cost; total cost

Request for consideration of HQ 965895, Classification of "Light Touch" Switches; "Push Button" Switches; "Momentary Contact" Switches; Snap-Action;Electromechanical

The tariff classification of an 8 foot cord set and a cord switch from China

The tariff classification of sensors from Mexico.

    Revocation of NY N007611, dated March 7, 2007; tariff classification of a

Pg. 1 of 19 • 184 results