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The tariff classification of anti-shoplifting security tags from Mexico.

Liquid Crystal Display Modules; LCDs; 9013.80.60; Additional U.S. Note 1(a); principal use; signaling apparatus; EN 85.31; EN 90.13; HRLs 955062, 954788, 953115, 952502, 951868, 952360, 951288, 955294, 952973

Full-Color Outdoor Display System; HQs 088639, 086032, and 087547; Oxford International Corporation v. U.S.; Explanatory Notes 85.31 and 2(a)(VII); GRI 2(a); 8531.20.00

Caller ID Unit; Signalling Apparatus; Telephonic Apparatus; 8531; 8517; HQs 954390, 953366

Overhead Console for automobile; HQs 087550, 089891; NYs 873948, 889323; headings 8512, 8531, 8708, 9025, 9029, 9031; GRI 3(c); Section XVII, note 2(f)(g)(h)

HQ 952406, 952779, Revocation; HQ 088520; Caller I.D.; Caller Identification; Visual Signaling; Display; Telephone Number; Date; Time; NEC America, Inc. v. United States; 8517.81.00; 8531.80.00

Piezo Transducer, Piezo Ceramic Resonator Disc; Acoustic Signalling Device; Combination Backup Light and Alarm; Stainless Steel Wafer Layered With Ceramic and Silver; Visual and Sound Signaling Apparatus, Heading 8531; Section XVI, Note 2; Part of Automobile Back-Up Apparatus, Electrical Signaling Equipment of a Kind Used on Motor Vehicles, Heading 8512 Dear Mr. Gottlieb:

Protest No. 2704-91-105194; Epson America, Inc.; Liquid Crystal Diode; LCD; Signaling

PriceLink display module to be used for LCD visual display of price information in grocery stores; Electronic Shelf Tag; visual signaling apparatus; indicator panel; parts and accessories of automatic data processing machines; Section XVI, Note 2(a); Additional U.S. Rule of Interpretation 1(c)

Magnetic door contacts; spacer; Subheading 8536.90.00;Subheading 8547.20.00; Subheading 8531.90.00; Section XVI, Note2(a).

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