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Protest 0901-91-170072; Vehicular charger; Heading 8504; EN85.04(II); static converters; H. Conf. Rep. No. 576; HQ 083672;Protest 0901-0-700353.

Application For Further Review Of Protest No. 0901-1-700080, Dated January 17, 1991; Inductuners; Inductors; Self-Impedance; Alternating Current Circuit; AC; Radiobroadcast Receiver; Parts

Membrane Switch Assemblies for Multiline Telephone Sets; Section XVI, Note 2(b); Subheading 8517.90.30; Subheading 8537.10.00; Section XVI 2(a); Explanatory Note 85.37; United States v. General Electric; United States v. Rembrandt Electronics; Kyocera International, Inc., v. United States; H. Rep. No. 100-576;

Tuner for satellite television receiver; NY 838855;Subheading 8528.10.80; Subheading 8529.90.10; Antidumping OrderA-588-014-016; Antidumping Order A-588-014-021.

The tariff classification and status under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), of a RADIOCAP from Canada, Article 509

Eligibility for NAFTA preference of television receivers imported from Mexico; General Note 12(t)/85.85; Article 509

The tariff classification of printed circuit boards for televisions from Korea and Japan.

The tariff classification of the LCD subassembly and the main board for a 32 inch flat screen television, from China or Taiwan

Pioneer Flat Panel Modules; Revocation of NY K83248 and NY K83886

The tariff classification of tower mounted diplexers (TMDs) from Estonia

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