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The tariff classification of hearing protectors from the United Kingdom

Reconsideration of PD C87740; Home Theater Sound System

Reconsideration of NY 885954; "SoundXchange"; Modification of HQ 953383; "Audioman"; Explanatory Note 85.17; Section XVI, Note 4; GRI 3(a); 8471.92.10; 8518.50.00; 8520.90.00

The tariff classification of the Yamaha TSS-1 Home Theater Sound System from China

Reconsideration of NY G88344; Home Theater Sound System

The tariff classification of a Megaphone from an unspecified country

Protest 3001-93-100839; SoundXchange Model A; HQ 955108; EN 85.17; functional unit

Reconsideration of NY G85405; Home Theater Sound System

Decision on Application for Further Review of Protest No.2809-93-102067; classification of molded plastic picnic coolerwhich incorporates dual speakers and a printed circuit amplifier;4202.99.9000, HTSUSA; SGI, Incorporated v. United States, SlipOp. 96-92 (January 19, 1996); GRI 3(b); essential characterimparted by the cooler; HRL's 953841 (9/27/93); 954072 (9/2/93);953583 (5/26/93); 953275 (4/26/93); 953458 (4/16/93);087057(12/21/90); 082788 (2/12/90).

The tariff classification of three ZEB ground detectors fromGermany.

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