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PRD 1704-94-100071; Inverter for Welding Machine; Current Converting Device; Inverter Power Source; Unfinished Arc Welding Machine, Subheading 8515.39.00, GRI 2(a); Section XVI, Note 2

he tariff classification of an Autotig 250-4 welding unit and MU 111 orbital welding heads from France.

PRD 0401-93-100083; Fine Plasma Cutting Machine, Welding Machine; Machine-Tool for Surface-Working Materials by Plasma Arc Process, Heading 8456; Plasma Arc Welding, Welding Machine Capable of Cutting, Heading 8515; Functional Unit, Section XVI, Note 4, HTSUS Dear Sir:

The tariff classification of the "Combo 400" from Canada.

The tariff classification of a manual arc welding package from China

PRD 1401-01-100217; Denial of Protest for Failure to Provide Evidence in Support of Claim, 19 CFR 174.13(a)(6)

The tariff classification of a stud welding system from West Germany.

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