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PRD 0401-93-100083; Fine Plasma Cutting Machine, Welding Machine; Machine-Tool for Surface-Working Materials by Plasma Arc Process, Heading 8456; Plasma Arc Welding, Welding Machine Capable of Cutting, Heading 8515; Functional Unit, Section XVI, Note 4, HTSUS Dear Sir:

Protest 2704-99-100039; Industrial Robots Imported Without End-Of-Arm Tooling

Reconsideration HQ 083189; Laser vision system; Subheading8515.31.00; ENs 85.37; H. Conf. Rep. No. 576; HQ 085281; HQ078500; Section XVI, note 2(a).

Welded Tube Mill; NY 810478 Modified

The tariff classification of arc welding machinery from the Netherlands

The tariff classification of a welded tube forming line from Germany.

Protest 1703-01-100097; Welded Tube Mill

The tariff classification of robots without controllers from Japan.

Industrial Robots With Stand-Alone Controller but Without End-of-Arm Tooling; HQ 963029 Revoked

The tariff classification of automatic welding units and welding heads from France.

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