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Protest 2704-93-100094; graphite cathode blocks; Note 1, and Additional U.S. Note 1, Chapter 69; ceramic; substantially crystalline; Eastalco Aluminum Co. v. United States; used to line electrical furnaces; refractory brick; 8545.90.40; used for electrical purposes; Additional U.S. Rule of Interpretation 1(a); principal use

Steel Anode Pins for Soderberg Reduction Cells

The tariff classification of a furnace roof from Japan.

The tariff classification of Hot Isostatic Presses (HIP) and separately imported components from Sweden.

The tariff classification of Glass Processing Machines from China

The tariff classification of parts for an electrical resistance furnace from Japan.

The tariff classification of reduction cell skirt castings from Australia

Application for Further Review of Protest No. 1101-93-100055, dated February 26, 1993, concerning scrap articles of carbon; baked carbon not artificial graphite; non-ceramic refractory goods; parts

Refractory anchors; NY 832149 revoked; EN 84.17; EN 85.14; 7326.90.90; 8514.90.00; Add. U.S. Rule of Interpretation 1(a)

HQ 952808 Revoked; THERMACHILL Direct-Fired Absorption Chiller/Heater; Unfinished Apparatus for Producing Chilled Water and Hot Water, GRI 2; Refrigerating Equipment, Parts of Apparatus for Commercial Comfort Cooling; Air Conditioning Machines and Parts, Heading 8415; HQ 952361

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