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Revocation of HQ 087078; Automobile Wiring Harnesses; Parts of Motor Vehicle Lighting or Signaling Equipment; HQ 954945

Piezo Transducer, Piezo Ceramic Resonator Disc; Acoustic Signalling Device; Combination Backup Light and Alarm; Stainless Steel Wafer Layered With Ceramic and Silver; Visual and Sound Signaling Apparatus, Heading 8531; Section XVI, Note 2; Part of Automobile Back-Up Apparatus, Electrical Signaling Equipment of a Kind Used on Motor Vehicles, Heading 8512 Dear Mr. Gottlieb:

Automobile Wiper Blade Assemblies; HQ 088536

The tariff classification of Windshield Wiper Frame and Windshield Wiper Connecting Rods (Linkage) from Germany

The tariff classification of a motor vehicle Headlight Swivel Frame, Drive Arm and Housing from Germany

The tariff classification of air horn bells from an unspecified country

The tariff classification of automotive lamp units from Japan

The tariff classification of motor vehicle parts from Taiwan

The tariff classification of automotive windshield wiper spline and end cap from Taiwan

Protest 4115-94-100005; Automotive Components; Explanatory Notes 48.23, 84.21, 85.01, and 85.12; Chapter 39, Note 2(p); Chapter 90, Note 6; Section XVI, Notes 1(a) and 2; Section XVII, Notes 2(a) and (f); HQs 951279, 951976, and 954581; Intercargo Insurance Co., f/k/a International Cargo & Surety Co. (Surety for M.Genauer) v. U.S.; 3923.90.00; 3926.90.90; 4823.90.85; 5911.90.00; 7318.15.20; 7318.21.00; 7318.22.00; 7320.90.10; 8301.60.00; 8414.90.90; 8421.99.00; 8501.10.40; 8503.00.40; 8512.90.90; 8536.41.00; 9032.90.60

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