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Injection Molded Plastic Components from England

Printed Labels for Batteries

Cells for lead-acid batteries.

NY 810315 Revoked; Plastic Battery Housing for Alkaline Batteries; Emergency Power Source for Cellular Telephones; Plastic Housings With Positive and Negative Contacts; Electrical Apparatus for Making Connections to or in Electrical Circuits; Section XVI, Note 2 Dear Mr. Miller:

Further review of protest no. 1704-92-100250; nonwovenlaminated fabric imported in rolls and used in batteries; batteryseparator; not a battery part; technical use fabric; Note 7,Chapter 59, HTSUSA

The tariff classification of a plastic battery housing from Taiwan

The Tariff Classification of a “Gasket” from Japan.

Internal Advice 04/024; polyethylene battery separator material

The tariff classification of an “aluminum can” from China

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