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Emergency Roadside Kits; GRI 3(b) sets

The tariff classification of a flashlight and multipurpose tool from China.

The tariff classification of the Extreme Winterizer Plus Safety Kit from Canada. The Kit contains the following items: a PVC Bag, Collapsible Shovel, 14' Tow Rope, Polar Fleece Hat, Polar Fleece Mitts, Flashlight, "D" Cell Batteries, "AA" Battery, Safety Blinker, Safety Vest, Whistle, Compass, and a Survival Card from China; a Fabric Blanket, Emergency Blanket, and an SOS Banner from Canada; a 24 Hour Candle In Can from the United States or Canada; Hand Warmers from Korea; Window Mount Roadside Triangle, 15 Minute Flares, Fire Starting Sticks, and a Box of Safety Matches from the United States.

The tariff classification of batteries from Hong Kong

Revocation of NY D83627; alkaline batteries from Belgium

Cells for lead-acid batteries.

The tariff classification of alkaline batteries from Belgium

The tariff classification and marking of a pocket watch and a clock with a watch movement, movements made in Japan, imported from China.

The tariff classification of an ultra battery pack from China.

The tariff classification of an Ultimate Auto Safety Kit from Canada

Pg. 1 of 2 • 19 results