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The tariff classification of compressor parts from Japan

Reconsideration of New York Ruling Letter (NY) C85678; magnetic actuators for laser printers

The tariff classification of electromagnetic clutches fromGermany

Reconsideration of HQ 955504; Power Take-Off Clutch/Brake; Section XVII, Note 2(f); Explanatory Note 85.05; Section XVI, Note 3; GeneralExplanatory Note (VI) to Section XVI; Composite Machine; GRI 3(c); 8708.99.24

Protest No. 1001-93-101532; Power take-off (PTO) clutch/ brake; parts for tractors suitable for agricultural use; composite machine; principal function; section XVI, legal note 3; section XVII, legal note 2(f); heading 8708

The tariff classification of various aircraft parts and components from the United Kingdom and France.

The tariff classification of Electro-magnetic Clutches fromGermany.

The tariff classification of a magnetic actuator from China

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