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Reconsideration Of HQ 085027 (January 31, 1990); Thyristor Modules; Semiconductor Devices; Static Converters, Parts; High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Power Conversion Stations; Firing Circuitry; Voltage Divider Circuitry; Heatsinks

Request for Internal Advice 04/026 regarding the classification of bushings used with electrical transformers

The tariff classification of steel “trapezoidal shapes” from Canada

The tariff classification of heat sinks, PC boards, DC cables with fittings,inverter housing, channels, channel kits, and mount racks from China

Article 509; NAFTA; advance ruling

Protest 1303-95-100424; Stainless and Dielectric (Glass) Tubes for Ozone Generating Systems; Parts; Electrical Machines and Apparatus, Not Specified Elsewhere; Headings 8405 and 8543; EN 84.05; HQs 957651 and 951195

The tariff classification of stamped sheets from Mexico

The tariff classification of Power Supply Unit Parts Kits from Japan

Protest AFR 2507-04-100001; brackets

NY L84849 revoked by operation of law; classification of an RF Match

Pg. 1 of 6 • 54 results