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Protest 0712-94-100698; shunt reactor; EN 84.05; transformer; inductor; TCR 431.24 A; CFTA; 9905.85.15

TRS TRC Register Cap Assembly; Touch Button Sensor Assembly; ECR Register Remote Touch Pad Assembly; Electromechanical Counter Assembly; Generator Module; Generator Register; EN 85.04(III); EN 90.28(I); EN 90.29(A)

Application For Further Review Of Protest No. 0901-1-700080, Dated January 17, 1991; Inductuners; Inductors; Self-Impedance; Alternating Current Circuit; AC; Radiobroadcast Receiver; Parts

The tariff classification of a coil assembly, sparktransformer, and transformer assembly from Mexico.

Eligibility for NAFTA preference of television receivers imported from Mexico; General Note 12(t)/85.85; Article 509

Protest 1901-02-100038; Loudspeaker Voice Coils

HQ 957025 Revoked; Power Shunt Reactor, Electrical Apparatus Used With Transformers on Long Distance Transmission Lines; Liquid Dielectric Transformer, Subheading 8504.23.00, Inductor; Apparatus for Offsetting the Capacitive Effect of Electrical Current in Power Transmission Lines; Composite Machine, Principal Function, Section XVI, Note 3

The tariff classification of an integrated circuit chip and an induction coil antenna from Switzerland

The country of origin of motor controllers from Canada

The tariff classification of wireless charging covers from South Korea.

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