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Protest 0712-94-100698; shunt reactor; EN 84.05; transformer; inductor; TCR 431.24 A; CFTA; 9905.85.15

Electrical power connectors; high voltage oil-filledinstrument transformers; Heading 8504; Liquid dielectrictransformer; Subheading 8504.21.00; Subheading 8504.22.00;Subheading 8504.23.00.

The tariff classification of liquid filled power transformers from Canada.

HQ 957025 Revoked; Power Shunt Reactor, Electrical Apparatus Used With Transformers on Long Distance Transmission Lines; Liquid Dielectric Transformer, Subheading 8504.23.00, Inductor; Apparatus for Offsetting the Capacitive Effect of Electrical Current in Power Transmission Lines; Composite Machine, Principal Function, Section XVI, Note 3

The tariff classification of a steam turbine and generator from Japan and a transformer from South Korea

The tariff classification of Oil Filled Power Transformers from India

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