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Protest 2809-00-100025; Gearless Mill Drive

Regional Value Content & NAFTA Eligibility of Intermediate Material Used in Construction of Certain Lawn Tractor Starter Motors

The tariff classification of rotors and stators from Slovenia

The tariff classification of an electric motor, an electric generator, and parts there of from Japan

The tariff classification and status under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), of motor cores from Canada; Article 509

Internal Advice; NAFTA; regional value content; NAFTA Rules of Origin Regulations; GN 12(t); 19 CFR part 181 Appendix; power pack assemblies; EDS Manufacturing. Dear Port Director:

The tariff classification of a stator from France and the applicability of subheading 9802.00.5060, HTSUS, of same that is exported from the United States to Canada and returned to the United States

Internal Advice; NAFTA; HTUSU General Note 12

The country of origin and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) eligibility of electric motor stators from Mexico

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