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Classification of a convertible doll comforter

The tariff classification of religious articles from Spain and Italy

The tariff classification of Utopiary Frames from Canada

The tariff classification of ornamental brass articles from Egypt and a clock from Switzerland

Reconsideration of NYRL 886555; Dolls in carriage classified in 9502 as dolls representing only human beings; Not 9505 festive articles; Not 4420 statuettes of wood; Not 8306 statuettes of base metal; GRI 3(b) composite good; HRLs 080969, 951457

Bud vases clad with semi-precious metal; PC 885623, 886859; En83.06

Classification of a photo album with photograph frame cover

The tariff classification of memorial urns constructed jadeand bronze from Australia.

Brass swan and base unit used as a touch switch for incandescent lamps

Classification of a photograph frame/album

Pg. 1 of 105 • 1,048 results