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The tariff classification of parts of gas venting systems from Germany and China.

The tariff classification of parts for aluminum fence posts from Moldova.

Protest No. 1101-93-100049; Ductile Iron, Grey Iron, and Aluminum Fence Fittings; HQ 953376; Explanatory Note 73.07; Explanatory Note 76.09; 8302.10.60

PC 871850 Modified; Dowel, Threaded Fastener of Stainless Steel Used With Exhaust Collector and Muffler; Aluminum Pipe Fitting, Subheading 7609.00.00; Stud, Common Meaning, Fastening Devices, Inc. v. United States Dear Ms. Moody:

The tariff classification and eligibility of U.S. Goods Returned of an aluminum coupler assembly assembled in Mexico

The tariff classification of die cast aluminum conduit bodies from India

The Country of Origin Marking of aluminum connectors (condulets); Article 509; the tariff classification and status under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The tariff classification of aluminum pipe fittings and components from China.

The tariff classification of V-Band Flange Assembly from China

The tariff classification of pipe fittings from Canada.

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