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The tariff classification of cryogenic insulation.

NY B85983 revoked; glass rods; unworked; other articles of glass; optical fiber; preforms; incomplete or unfinished; essential character; Note 2(a), Chapter 70; GRI 2(a); ENs Rule 2(a)(II); 70.02; 90.01; Blakley Corp. v. United States; Ugg International, Inc. v. United States; Winter-Wolff, Inc., v. United States; Sharp Microelectronics Technology, Inc. v. United States; Superior Wire v. United States

PRD 3401-97-100016; Aluminum Foil/Polypropylene/AluminumFoil, Polyester/Aluminum Laminates, Aluminum/PolypropyleneLaminates; Subheadings 7607.11.30 and 7607.20.50; Chapter 76,Note 1 (d); Explanatory Notes 76.07 and 74.10; Backed AluminumFoil.

Material lengths of automotive exterior side molding.

DD 807716 Affirmed; Laser Slit Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Foil on Rolls Reduced in Thickness by Rolling, Annealed After Rolling and Laser Slit to Width; Aluminum Foil Further Worked, Subheading 7607.19.60 Dear Mr. O'Kelly:

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