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Labels; aluminum foil covered paper; paper coated with metal powder; uncoated paper; lithographic process; General EN, chapter 48; Note 1(m), chapter 48; EN 48.21; 4911; paper and paperboard labels of all kinds; GRI 3(a); EN 49.11; 7606; aluminum foil (whether or not printed, or backed with paper, paperboard, plastics or similar backing materials) of a thickness (excluding any backing) not exceeding 0.2 mm

The tariff classification of steel and aluminum sheet and steel pipes from Korea and China.

The tariff classification of step tread covering from China

Aluminum cookware ("Circulon"); GRI 2(a); EN to GRI 3(b); HQ 084845; HQ 086555; HQ 733579; HQ 734321; HQ 734734; Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association v. U.S.; EN 76.15; 7606.91.30; 7606.92.30

Protest 3801-00-100309; Select Foods sugar/gelatin blend

Decision on Application for Further Review of Protest No. 2704-97-100519, concerning the classification of women’s sandals; Note 4(b) to Chapter 64; shoe laces included in calculating the external surface area of upper.

NAFTA preference and country of origin marking requirements for radiant cooling & heating system

The tariff classification of Max-Metal® from China.

The tariff classification of SIGNABOND® from China.

The tariff classification of aluminum plate from China

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