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The tariff classification of alloy steel bars from China, Ukraine or Slovenia

PC 848161 Modified; Specialty Steel; Flat-Rolled Products, Specialty Steel Produced by Forging; Specialty Steel Produced by Flat-Rolling, Chapter 72, Note 1(k), HTSUS; Bars, Chapter 72, Note 1(m); Turning, Peeling, Mechanical Descaling, Cold-Forming, Cold-Finishing; HQ 955737, HQ 956468 Dear Mr. O'Donnell:

PRD 1703-95-100104; Chipper Knife Steel, Flat-RolledProducts of Other Alloy Steel, Heading 7226,Chapter 72, Note 1(k), Bars and Rods of Other Alloy Steel, Other, Not Further Worked Than Hot-Rolled, of Tool Steel,Subheading 7228.30.60; Chapter 72,Additional U.S. Note 1(e)(ii); Customs Laboratory Report, Customs Directive 099 3820-002, HQ 950929

The tariff classification and status under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), of alloy steel and alloy tool steel plate from Canada; Article 509

The tariff classification of tool steel flat bars from Slovenia

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