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The tariff classification of steel sheet and strip from WestGermany.

Moccasin-Type Leather Uppers

Tariff treatment and country of origin marking of galvanized coil imported from Canada

The tariff classification of a "Shoulder Buddy" from China.

The tariff classification of cold-rolled steel from Germany.

The tariff classification of a steel lug base from the Dominican Republic.

Automotive seat belt retractor assemblies; HQs 087588, 223491, 224283, 225368; NY 828235; headings 7211, 8708; subheading 9813.00.05; EN 73.20; Section XV, note 2; Section XVII, note 2(b); Chapter 98, subchapter XIII, U.S. note 1(c); NAFTA; Article 509; General notes 12(b)(ii)(A), 12(b)(iii) and 12(t)/73.16; Change in Tariff Classification; 19 U.S.C. 1313(a), 1313(b), 1313(j), 1677h, 3333(a), 3333(e); 19 CFR 10.31(f), 10.39(a), 113.55(a), 181.42(a), 181.45(b)(1)(iv); 60 FR 15845

Protest 4101-01-100238; Cutting Rule and Rule Die Material

The tariff classification of footwear and bag from China

The tariff classification of a woman’s knitted garment from China; applicability of HTSUS Chapter 61 Statistical Note 6

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