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The tariff classification of Nephrite Jade blocks fromCanada.

Protest 3307-92-100001; unworked semi-precious stones; rhodolite; tanzanite; subheading 7103.10.40; Explanatory Notes 71.02 and 71.03; 19 CFR 10.172

Optical grade quartz; Chapter Note 71 1(a), Annex to Chapter71; Note 2(b) to Chapter 96; EN 71.04, 71.02, 7103.10

Fire opals; rough semi-precious gemstones; cut and polished semi-precious gemstones; Explanatory Notes 71.02 and 71.03; Annex to the Explanatory Notes to chapter 71; subheading 9802.00.50

The tariff classification of Harlequin Quartz from Madagascar.

Chippewa of Lake Superior and Exemption From Import Duties; Article III, Jay Treaty

Protest No. 1303-92-100061; tumbled semi-precious gemstones; semi-precious gemstones that are otherwise worked than simply sawn or roughly shaped; subheading 7103.10.40; Explanatory Note 71.03; Gem Cutting: A Lapidary's Manual

The tariff classification of rough-sawn nephrite jade fromCanada.

The tariff classification of Apophylite Crystal from Madagascar.

Definition of the term "cut but not set" in chapter 71

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