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The tariff classification of rubies, sapphires and emeralds from Norway, Denmark, Finland, England and Switzerland. Dear Ms. Jansson:

The tariff classification of Nephrite Jade blocks fromCanada.

Modification of Pre-Classification Review (PC) #835839 issued January 25, 1989; Christmas Articles; Halloween Animated Display Figures and Pin-On Jewelry; Easter Basket

Semiprecious stone beads; revocation of HRL 082569, dated November 17, 1989

Country of origin marking requirements applicable to imported eyeglass frame components

Gold jewelry with gems; NAFTA; rules of origin; General Note 12(b)(ii)(A); non-originating materials; General Note 12(n); General Note 12(t) 71.2; change in tariff classification; 19 CFR 134.1(b); country of origin; Marking Rules; 134.1(j), (g); 134.45(a)(2); 134.43(e); 102.11(a)(3); 102.20(n); 102.16(a)(2); production; substantial transformation; foreign material; material; advanced in value; improved in condition; minor processing; 102.1(a), (e), (i), (l), (m), (n), (p); 102.14; 102.11(b); essential character

Protest and Request for Further Review No. 2704-9-002982, September 28, 1989; votive glass candleholder

Protest 3307-92-100001; unworked semi-precious stones; rhodolite; tanzanite; subheading 7103.10.40; Explanatory Notes 71.02 and 71.03; 19 CFR 10.172

Country of origin marking for sunglasses; Substantial transformation; HRL 734663; HRL 728504; HRL 709266; C.S.D. 80-43 (HRL 710338) HRL 734474; HRL 731902; HRL 709551

The tariff classification of a woman's knit pullover from Hong Kong.

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