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Modification of Pre-Classification Review (PC) #835839 issued January 25, 1989; Christmas Articles; Halloween Animated Display Figures and Pin-On Jewelry; Easter Basket

Tariff classification of diamond tool and drill blanks

Protest 3307-92-100001; unworked semi-precious stones; rhodolite; tanzanite; subheading 7103.10.40; Explanatory Notes 71.02 and 71.03; 19 CFR 10.172

Protest 1401-93-100077; preserving jars; conveyance or packing of goods; glassware for table, kitchen, toilet, office, indoor decoration; household storage articles

The tariff classification of fruit pulps from Brazil.Dear Mr. Sloan:

The tariff classification of a tote bag and a polypropylene plastic resin pumpkin from China

The tariff classification of rough diamonds from Sierra Leone.

The tariff classification of natural industrial unworked diamonds and polished industrial diamonds from Holland.

NAFTA Advance Ruling Request for Country of Origin Marking Requirements for diamonds mined in Canada but cut and polished in Belgium, India, Israel, Russia, Thailand or another third country

Fire opals; rough semi-precious gemstones; cut and polished semi-precious gemstones; Explanatory Notes 71.02 and 71.03; Annex to the Explanatory Notes to chapter 71; subheading 9802.00.50

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