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The tariff classification of traffic light lenses from Poland

The tariff classification of automotive lights, signaling equipment and their parts and accessories from Italy

Protest 2809-96-101123; colored filter glass, unpolished and polished, in material sizes; EN 90.01; not "optically worked"; optical element; Additional U.S. Note 1, Chapter 90; Heading 7014; EN 70.14; "blanks"; EN GRI Rule 2(a)(II); Heading 7005; Note 2(b), Chapter 70; HQs 951709; 957373

The tariff classification of welding helmet lenses from China

The tariff classification of Traffic Light Lenses from Poland

Protest 3307-99-100039; Glass Filters; Optical Elements of Glass, HQ 960896

Protest 2720-94-100982; solar reflectors and solar cell coverglass; Additional U.S. Rule of Interpretation 1(c); 8803.90.90; parts of satellites; EN 88.03; General EN (III), Section XVII; 7014.00.20; other optical elements of glass, not optically worked; EN 70.14; Note 2, Chapter 70; other drawn glass, colored throughout the mass, opacified, flashed, or having an absorbent or reflecting layer, in rectangular shape; opacified; cut to shape; absorbent and reflecting layer; EN 70.04

Protest 3307-97-100106; Glass Filters; Subheading 7004.20.20; Chapter 70, Note 2; General Explanatory Note to Chapter 70; Explanatory Notes 70.04 and 70.14; Other Drawn Glass, in Sheets; Optical Elements of Glass.

The tariff classification of fused silica blanks from Germany

Glass Rods Or Tubes, Unworked; Laboratory Or Pharmaceutical

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