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Revocation of DD 896054; classification of a textiledrawstring pouch imported with a handheld mirror inside;composite good; GRI 3(b); essential character; quota; sets

The tariff classification of a plastic comb and glass hand mirror from China. Dear Mr. Gapinski:

Lighted Make-up Center; Glass Mirror; Illuminating Light; Tissue Dispenser; Kores Manufacturing Inc. v. U.S.; Parts and Accessories; HQs 952716 and 950166; GRI 3(b); Composite Good; Explanatory Note 3(b)(VIII); 8708.29.50

Tariff classification of wooden photo frames and framed mirrors from New Zealand

The tariff classification of a travel accessory kit fromChina, Hong Kong and Taiwan

PRD 3001-93-100579; Framed Aircraft Mirror, Glass With Silver Backing Buffed With Cerium Oxide; Glass Mirrors, Framed, Subheading 7009.92.10, 7009.92.50; Prisms, Mirrors, Other Optical Elements, Subheading 9001.90.60; Chapter 90, Note 1(d); Optically Worked Glass, Chapter 90, Additional U.S. Note 1; Civil Aircraft Agreement (CAA) Dear Sir:

The tariff classification of a rattan headrest from China

The tariff classification of “SjaPoo” palm leaf bouquet holders from Vietnam

The tariff classification of a wooden tray from China.

The tariff classification of fireplace mantel surround units vent cover kits, upper shelf units and side cabinets from Canada

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