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Revocation of NY N016133; Classification of a Brick Type Plate Used in Ballistic Jackets from Italy

Application for Further Review of Protest No. 2809-20-107151; Classification of Aluminum Oxide Hollow Cylinder Rings

The tariff classification of furnaces and other equipment from Canada

The tariff classification of a ceramic refractory filter from France.

PRD 1601-96-100360; Lenox 10 Inch Plate Kiln Furniture;Subheadings 6903.20.00 and 6914.90.80; Additional U.S. Note 2 toChapter 69; General Explanatory Note to Chapter 69; OtherRefractory Ceramic Goods; Other Ceramic Articles.

Decision on Application for Further Review of Protest No. 3501-04-100039; Classification of a certain 3M( Interam( mat mount and materials used to manufacture certain models of 3M( Interam( mat mounts

The tariff classification of a brick type plate used in ballistic jackets from Italy.

Country of Origin of Slide Gate Refractories used in Metallurgy or Metal Foundries (Top Plates, Gate Plates and Center Plates); Section 301 Trade Remedies

Protest 0901-94-101205; refractory articles; well blocks, solid plugs, bell bricks, center risers, bottom guides, spider bricks, runner bricks, up-gates; Additional U.S. Note 2, Chapter 69; refractory bricks; 6902.20.50; other refractory articles; 6903.20.00; other refractory ceramic goods; EN 69.02 and 69.03; John C. Rogers & Co., Inc., a/c Hoeganaes Sponge Iron Corp; Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company; HRLs 086441, 087895, 061716, 083745, and 955836

The tariff classification of ceramic valve sleeves and pistons exported from the United States to Mexico for further processing.

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