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Revocation of NY N016133; Classification of a Brick Type Plate Used in Ballistic Jackets from Italy

The tariff classification of a ceramic refractory filter from France.

The tariff classification of furnaces and other equipment from Canada

PRD 1601-96-100360; Lenox 10 Inch Plate Kiln Furniture;Subheadings 6903.20.00 and 6914.90.80; Additional U.S. Note 2 toChapter 69; General Explanatory Note to Chapter 69; OtherRefractory Ceramic Goods; Other Ceramic Articles.

Decision on Application for Further Review of Protest No. 3501-04-100039; Classification of a certain 3M( Interam( mat mount and materials used to manufacture certain models of 3M( Interam( mat mounts

The tariff classification of a brick type plate used in ballistic jackets from Italy.

Protest 0901-94-101205; refractory articles; well blocks, solid plugs, bell bricks, center risers, bottom guides, spider bricks, runner bricks, up-gates; Additional U.S. Note 2, Chapter 69; refractory bricks; 6902.20.50; other refractory articles; 6903.20.00; other refractory ceramic goods; EN 69.02 and 69.03; John C. Rogers & Co., Inc., a/c Hoeganaes Sponge Iron Corp; Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company; HRLs 086441, 087895, 061716, 083745, and 955836

The tariff classification of ceramic valve sleeves and pistons exported from the United States to Mexico for further processing.

The tariff classification of ceramic roller blanks

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