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The tariff classification of abrasive articles from China

The tariff classification of a sanding drum set from Taiwan.

Protest 4103-94-100234; Abrasive Wheels, Rollers, and Rings; HQs 951607, 954857, and 955223; NY 875045; Explanatory Note 68.05; 6805.10.00; 6805.30.50

955223 modified; Super Quick Disc

The tariff classification of abrasive sandcloth rolls from Taiwan

Super Quick Disc; 6804.22.10; EN 68.04; EN 68.05; HRL 951607

Applicability of HTSUS 9802.00.50 to U.S. fabric exported to Germany for chemical treatments and returned to U.S. for coating; textile product; alterations; incomplete; intermediate processing; new and commercially different product; 19 CFR 12.130(c); advanced in value; improved in condition; substantial transformation; subsequent processing

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