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Protest and Request For Further Review No. 0201-90-000383; Grindstones of natural stone; grindstones of agglomerated abrasives; subheadings 6804.22.10 and 6804.23.00; explanatory notes to heading 6804; resins; synthetic binders; U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement; General Note 3(c)(vii)(B)(1) and (2); General Note 3(c)(vii)(R)(13)(aa)

The tariff classification of abrasive articles from Canada.

Protest 1703-94-100121; abrasive strands; nylon plastic, sand, silicon carbide/aluminum oxide; other agglomerated abrasive millstones, grindstones, grinding wheels; EN 68.04; 6805.30.50; other natural or artificial abrasive powder or grain, on a base of other materials; EN 68.05; base; HRL 955020; HRL 956788; an established and uniform practice; 315(d), Tariff Act of 1930; Heraeus-Amersil, Inc.; Strum, A Manual of Customs Law; H. Reeve Angel & Co., Inc; Siemens America, Inc., et al; Washington Handle Co.

The tariff classification of a ceramic nail file from China

Protest No. 3901-93-101074; Scotchbrite Flap Brush and Combi Wheels; 6804.22.10; EN 68.04; EN 68.05; HRL 951607

The tariff classification of a sharpening stone, a lapping plate, a field holder, and a sharpening pond from Japan.

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