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The tariff classification of abrasive wheels from China.

The tariff classification of an abrasive grinding wheel from Germany

The tariff classification of abrasive articles from Canada.

Protest and Request For Further Review No. 0201-90-000383; Grindstones of natural stone; grindstones of agglomerated abrasives; subheadings 6804.22.10 and 6804.23.00; explanatory notes to heading 6804; resins; synthetic binders; U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement; General Note 3(c)(vii)(B)(1) and (2); General Note 3(c)(vii)(R)(13)(aa)

Protest No. 4103-92-100025; Abrasive Wheel; Agglomerated Abrasive; EN 68.04; EN 68.05; 6804.22.10

Super Quick Disc; 6804.22.10; EN 68.04; EN 68.05; HRL 951607

The tariff classification of Drill Bit and Socket Sets from China.

Protest 1703-94-100121; abrasive strands; nylon plastic, sand, silicon carbide/aluminum oxide; other agglomerated abrasive millstones, grindstones, grinding wheels; EN 68.04; 6805.30.50; other natural or artificial abrasive powder or grain, on a base of other materials; EN 68.05; base; HRL 955020; HRL 956788; an established and uniform practice; 315(d), Tariff Act of 1930; Heraeus-Amersil, Inc.; Strum, A Manual of Customs Law; H. Reeve Angel & Co., Inc; Siemens America, Inc., et al; Washington Handle Co.

The tariff classification of zircon abrasive shapes and quartz abrasive shapes from China

The tariff classification of a ceramic nail file from China

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